Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 09' at Bluemont, VA:

Our Summer Vacation '09 in Hilton Head Island, SC :

Our Spring Break Vacation 09:

Christmas 08' at the Dean's House:

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  1. Oh Suzanne,
    I love your pictures - thank you for sharing. Your family and home are beautiful!
    My life is opposite of yours. I used to be very active, lots of friends, then I got sick. It happened so fast, it blindsided me. I found GinaK and love the blog hops - it gives me much happiness.
    I am nearly bedridden now even though young, but was wondering about these CHA events - do they ever have one in Hawai'i? Would that be too expensive for everyone to come over to our side of the planet? Anyway, if some day they do, I would love to have my husband borrow a wheel chair for the day so I could meet you and any of the ladies at GinaK that came over (I am on the Big Island). We don't even have a large craft store - living without a Michael's or a Joann's - nothing. We have a one aisle craft place at Walmart (LOL). I shop EBay and GinaK, sometimes Joann's and wait like a little kid for the boxes to get here!!
    Blessings continuously to you and to yours - thanks for sharing your card ideas to all of us!!