Tuesday, October 27, 2009

About Me


  1. Hello Belinda from the land of Oz (Australia). Sorry to digress, but I wanted to say that some people just cant help but be jealous. You do a wonderful job by sharing what you love and are very good at it by the way. You give anyone that stops by inspiration to be creative and you feel free to give of yourself. So I say, feel pitty for people with a negative outlook on life. Take care and enjoy your break. I also feel very blessed to have my life, and I try very hard not to take it or anyone for granted. Cheers Belinda

  2. Hi Suzanne; I was directed to your You Tube videos by a fellow very-talented-Copic-user & friend, Heidi (http://www.smileyguydesigns.com). I'm so glad she told me about you; I just joined your site, but of course!
    Anyway, I have a question: someone on LinkedIn told me to ask you if you know any sites or have info on how we can exchange brand-new Copics with other people who also have a multiple of a color they don't need. I just bought a set, and one is a duplicate for me (haven't opened it yet). Do you know any sites like this? Thank you, Valerie Ward in Antioch, Il (http://valbydesign.com/)